About JAKI

About JAKI
JAKIFLOW is an industrial leader in developing and manufacturing manual and control operated valves for diverse industries focused on the Water, Petrochemical, Mining, Chemical and Processing industries.
JAKI advanced valves provide the ideal solutions for the most corrosive and difficult services. .

Our valves are designed and manufactured to deliver high performance and reliability in general and servere service.
We are dedicated to find new ways to improve our manufacturing process, our existing products, creating new products, reaching new markets and responding faster to our customer's needs.
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All JAKI valves are produced in conformance with international standards. Our manufacturing facilities and products are licensed and certified to ISO 9001 and PED which guarantee an ability to consistently meet customer requirements and reach customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality system.
JAKIFLOW worked rigorously to establish, implement, and maintain our Quality Management System, with a project team managing staff training and development on its functions, processes, and procedures.


JAKI is a fully integrated manufacturing facility that supplies a broad line of standard and custom prodcuts, and has a plant with in-house machining, assembly and testing operations.
JAKI is able to provide products in multiple materials ranging from carbon, stainless, nickel, and duplex alloy to meet a wide variety of diverse applications.
Material available:
* Carbon Steel
* Stainless Steel
* Duplex
* Alloy 20
* Monel
* Inconel
* Hastelloy 
* Titanium


Our products are manufactured and tested in accordance to international standards and other applicable industry specifications. 
All our products are managed strictly according to QA system from ICQ, IPQC to FQC.
JAKI QC department is a strict team following every step of testing procedure to control all products 100% tested before dispatch. On the basis of this, the QA department will guarantee each piece meets the required specification and the quality fills customer expections.